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Candidate resignation tips

I remember resigning from my last role prior to establishing Cameron Pink. I really enjoyed my time at my previous employer and dreaded disappointing the company’s directors! I’ve listed below a guide on how to resign carefully, ensuring you leave on a high note and avoiding burning any bridges.

Ensure minimal disruption

Before you leave, prepare the company for your departure. Take steps to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. Distribute tasks across your team and allow others to take on responsibility.
It would be wise to select a deputy before you announce you are leaving so they can carry out key tasks. This will hopefully offer a more harmonious end to your employment and will keep future relationships in-tact.

Remain professional

Often no time is a inconvenient time for a resignation. Therefore, there might be some negativity surrounding your departure. In this situation, it’s vital to stay professional by training others, completing or managing the important tasks before you leave and working your full notice period.
Even if you dislike your boss or organisation, your professionalism will pay dividends in the long run.

Clearly articulate your resignation

Ensure you articulate your thoughts in a concise and direct way. It’s important not to discuss what’s wrong or what your role lacks, but instead simply state what the new position you have taken presents.
When resigning from a role, consider the reactions of the people around you, specifically, your boss. It’s likely they will have an emotional reaction when you declare you are leaving because they rely on you. Even if they react badly, try and stay calm and logical. After the initial surprise, often the mood changes and notice periods and handovers can be discussed.
Be prepared for a counteroffer situation and how you would handle it. Consider your motivations for leaving and don’t lose sight of them when put under pressure to stay and not let your employer down.

Good luck!
James, Company Director – Cameron Pink