Cameron Pink

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Our Philosophy

Cameron Pink aim to always place a high level of emphasis on Trust, Understanding and Methodology. We believe if enough time and care is given to these three subjects we will be excellently placed to ensure effective delivery of our services.


Understanding and meeting the requirements of customers, be it businesses or job-seekers, is pivotal to our success. What is learnt from the onset will heavily influence the result of a recruitment process. It’s also critical that our customers feel understood. We believe that our industry will continue to move away from transactional recruitment and towards empathy, revolving around strong relationships. Thus, understanding is at the forefront of our thinking.


We want customers rely upon and be guided by us, and for that, trust is vital. There is no question that with new interaction, this level of confidence takes time to develop and that it can be shattered quickly, usually due to behaviour not matching expectations. We place great emphasis on building and keeping trust. We will be upfront, dependable, and honourable, building confidence with everyday exchanges and often via mouth, growing our reputation and acting ethically.


The way companies recruit, and people search for jobs is constantly evolving. It’s crucial that we are always looking at new ways and to stay ahead of the curve. We dedicate a large proportion of time to the research and testing of new tools and technologies to enhance customer experience.