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Cameron Pink Recruitment assists Twenty Essex in Recruiting a Head of Finance and Operations

Client Background: Twenty Essex is a prestigious commercial set of chambers based in central London, renowned for their exceptional legal expertise and modern approach to dispute resolution. With a client base consisting of major global corporations, institutions, and governments, Twenty Essex sought to enhance their operational and financial leadership by appointing an experienced Head of Finance and Operations.

Challenge: Following an internal restructure, Twenty Essex aimed to fill a newly created position that required a blend of financial acumen and operational oversight. This role was pivotal, serving as a strategic advisor to the CEO and requiring strong presentational skills. The Chambers initially engaged Cameron Pink Recruitment to provide an interim contractor to assess the role’s viability. Subsequently, the focus shifted towards sourcing a permanent incumbent who could effectively fulfil the responsibilities of the position.

Engagement with Cameron Pink Recruitment: Cameron Pink Recruitment swiftly responded to Twenty Essex’s requirements by deploying an experienced contractor to evaluate the role’s necessity. Following this initial phase, Cameron Pink embarked on a comprehensive search to identify suitable candidates for the permanent position of Head of Finance and Operations.

Strategy: Cameron Pink employed a meticulous approach, meticulously mapping out the legal chambers and law firms in London and the Home Counties that met specific criteria in terms of turnover and headcount. Leveraging technology, they collected contact information and initiated outreach to potential candidates. By targeting Heads of Finance within comparable chambers and law firms, Cameron Pink ensured that the shortlisted candidates possessed relevant industry experience and expertise.

Execution: With a tailored strategy in place, Cameron Pink swiftly identified and approached potential candidates, conducting thorough interviews to assess their suitability for the role. Within a two-week timeframe, they presented a shortlist comprising six highly qualified candidates, all hailing from competing chambers or reputable law firms.

Outcome: Twenty Essex conducted expedited interviews with the shortlisted candidates, ultimately making a new appointment that met their requirements for strategic insight and operational leadership.

Result: The appointed Head of Finance and Operations seamlessly integrated into Twenty Essex’s leadership team, providing invaluable strategic guidance and operational oversight. Cameron Pink’s proactive recruitment approach enabled Twenty Essex to secure a highly qualified professional who would play a key role in driving the Chambers’ continued success.

 Conclusion: This case highlights Cameron Pink’s ability to swiftly adapt their recruitment strategy, from deploying interim contractors to sourcing permanent staff, demonstrating their agility and effectiveness in serving the niche legal chambers sector.