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Cameron Pink Recruitment assists Integrella with recruiting a Finance Director

Client Background: Integrella is a privately owned SME digital software consultancy based in the UK. The company was undergoing expansion, prompting the CEO to seek a Finance Director for a permanent position.

Challenge: The CEO required a professionally qualified individual with experience managing finance in a company selling services on a time-and-materials basis. The ideal candidate needed to be ambitious, possessing a “can-do” attitude and unfazed by a role with a broad remit. Additionally, experience with outsourcing and international expansion was essential.

Engagement with Cameron Pink: Integrella was referred to Cameron Pink to aid in the recruitment of their inaugural Finance Director, as the CEO sought to bring in a professional who could significantly enhance the company’s value.

Strategy: Cameron Pink Recruitment adopted a two-pronged approach. Firstly, leveraging their extensive network, they promptly identified and contacted several potential candidates about the role, many of whom were not actively seeking work but open to relevant opportunities. Secondly, they compiled a list of Finance Directors and Heads of Finance from similar-sized technology companies in a specific radius, establishing their contact details and presenting the opportunity.

Execution: Despite a two-week shortlist submission agreement, Cameron Pink exceeded expectations by forwarding six highly compatible CVs within half of the allotted time. The interview process comprised three stages: an initial introduction, a technical assessment, and a presentation to the senior management team.

Outcome: Within four weeks of taking the brief, an appointment was made for the Finance Director position. This rapid recruitment process demonstrated Cameron Pink’s efficiency and effectiveness in securing top talent for Integrella.

Result: Cameron Pink Recruitment’s proactive approach and thorough execution resulted in the successful appointment of a Finance Director who met Integrella’s specific requirements. The selected candidate brought valuable expertise to the company, supporting its continued growth and success.

Conclusion: This case highlights Cameron Pink Recruitment’s ability to swiftly identify and secure senior talent in the digital software consultancy sector. By leveraging their network and utilizing targeted outreach, they successfully met the client’s needs, demonstrating their commitment to delivering results efficiently and effectively.