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Cameron Pink Recruitment assists Cranfield Aerospace with Recruiting a CFO

Client Background: Cranfield Aerospace is an aerospace company specialising in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of advanced aviation systems. With a history of innovation and excellence, Cranfield Aerospace has an ambitious target of designing the world’s first hydrogen fuelled plane.

 Challenge: Cranfield Aerospace faced a critical moment when their current Chief Financial Officer resigned due to ill health. This departure occurred amidst a crucial phase for the company, as they were in the middle of a substantial £60 million funding round. Additionally, Cranfield Aerospace recognized the need for a CFO who could not only manage the financial aspects of the company but also be outward-facing, adept at managing relations with a multitude of investors.

Engagement with Cameron Pink Recruitment: Recognizing the urgency and importance of the situation, Cranfield Aerospace retained Cameron Pink Recruitment, a recruitment agency specialising in senior placements. Cameron Pink was tasked with sourcing a highly qualified CFO to fill the role swiftly and effectively.

Strategy: Given the unique circumstances and specific requirements of the role, Cameron Pink advised Cranfield Aerospace to consider candidates not only from a traditional CFO background but also from investment firms or consultancies with substantial experience in capital markets. This broader approach would ensure that Cranfield Aerospace found a candidate who could navigate the complexities of both financial management and investor relations seamlessly.

Execution: Cameron Pink Recruitment conducted a comprehensive market search, leveraging their extensive network and industry expertise to identify top-tier candidates. After meticulous screening and evaluation, a longlist of qualified candidates was delivered to Cranfield Aerospace, which was subsequently whittled down to a shortlist for interview.

Outcome: Cranfield Aerospace swiftly recruited an experienced CFO with a background in investment firms. This candidate possessed the necessary skills and experience to not only oversee the financial operations of the company but also to assist the CEO with fundraising and effectively managing relationships with investors thereafter.

Result: The appointed CFO seamlessly integrated into Cranfield Aerospace’s leadership team, bringing valuable insights and expertise from the investment world. Their swift recruitment ensured continuity during a pivotal moment for the company, enabling Cranfield Aerospace to successfully finalize funding and position themselves for future growth and success.

Conclusion: Thanks to their strategic collaboration with Cameron Pink Recruitment, Cranfield Aerospace successfully navigated a pressing and potentially disruptive challenge, swiftly appointing a highly skilled CFO with the necessary expertise to steer them towards future success. This instance underscores the significance of enlisting a dynamic and proactive recruitment ally capable of making recommendations, taking swift action, and producing tangible results.