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Cameron Pink Recruitment assists Albion Capital with recruiting a Finance Director

Client Background: A venture capital-backed Engineering and Construction company was poised for exponential growth, forecasting a quadrupling of turnover to one hundred million within twelve months.

Challenge: The Venture Capital firm needed to secure a Finance Director to implement robust financial processes and lead a small team as the company embarked on rapid scaling with turnover quadrupling to 100 million within 12 months.

Engagement with Cameron Pink: Cameron Pink Recruitment had a long-established relationship with the Venture Capital Firm, Albion Capital, and was entrusted with sourcing a high-calibre ACA qualified professional with five to ten years of industry experience, mirroring the organizational context.

Strategy: Utilizing technology, Cameron Pink compiled a comprehensive list of companies that had experienced significant growth in both headcount and turnover over the past 5-10 years. From this list, relevant contacts were identified and approached regarding the opportunity.

Execution: Despite encountering initial challenges, including the first candidate declining the offer for reasons beyond their control, Cameron Pink persisted in sourcing and promptly secured a second candidate who accepted the position.

Outcome: The Finance Director role was successfully filled within four weeks of receiving the brief, ensuring continuity and stability amidst the company’s rapid growth phase.

Result: Driven by a commitment to client satisfaction and the fulfilment of promises, Cameron Pink’s swift action and dedication resulted in the placement of a highly qualified candidate who continues to excel in the position.

Conclusion: This case exemplifies Cameron Pink Recruitment’s ability to meet client needs in dynamic environments, leveraging strategic approaches and technological tools to secure top-tier talent and drive organizational success.