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How to interview well

An interview for a senior finance position can be a lengthy and intimidating prospect with some in-depth and complex questions asked. Here are our top interview tips to ensure you get the job… Research the company – you may be asked a range of questions about the company you are interviewing for. What do you know

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Writing the perfect CV

I look at maybe 50 CV’s a day, and over the years I’ve seen some no more than a couple of lines through to 20 pages! Sometimes, I find at a senior finance level, jobseekers become a tad complacent, believing previous employers can speak for themselves and certain skills are assumed. It’s also important to

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Candidate resignation tips

I remember resigning from my last role prior to establishing Cameron Pink. I really enjoyed my time at my previous employer and dreaded disappointing the company’s directors! I’ve listed below a guide on how to resign carefully, ensuring you leave on a high note and avoiding burning any bridges. Ensure minimal disruption Before you leave,

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